St. Nicholas/Mykolai Partry

Sunflowers Wales (Соняшники) had an excellent party for Ukrainian kids in Wales, celebrating St. Nicholas Day!

Many thanks to everyone who helped to have this event successful!

Thank you Swansea Ukulele Club and Rockerleles Band for your generous donation and the excellent musical atmosphere you provided for us all!

We were proudly supported by Making A Difference Locally and Austin Bailey Foundation!

Thank you, New Directions Educations for the help and support!

Simone Bevan many thanks for your face painting! Olga Koshchiienko for an incredible disco! Svetlana Lilley, Елена Самотой, Julia Ponomareva, Елена Креминская for kraft. Tatyana Marshtupa for being a perfect Elf!

Oksana Shapovalova, Bohdana Bahlay, Vladimir Pavliichuk, Svetlana Lilley - we did it, people! 😉 Thank you, all!

Mykolai partyMykolai party
Mykolai partyMykolai party
Mykolai partyMykolai party