Croeso Festival in Swansea

Today was a wonderful day: Sunflowers Wales took part in the Croeso Festival in Swansea to celebrate St David’s Day.

First, we were part of the parade, it was a great opportunity for us to say “Thank you!” to Wales for their hospitality and support!

Then, the sun was gentle with its Sunflowers once again and held off the raindrops until the very end of our performances!

An incredibly warm atmosphere, a large audience came to see our dances and hear the songs of the enchanting RIAJ - our Victoria!

Children enthusiastically danced in front of the stage - we were all there together!


Today was a hard day… Terrible news of yet another atrocity by russians in Odessa, shellings, civilians, militaries…

That’s why it was so important to hear kind words from Welsh people! We sincerely thank to everyone who contributes to helping us aid Ukraine, thanks to whom every two weeks we send there medical supplies to military and civilian medics (like today, right after the festival)!

We are extremely grateful to Wales for supporting Ukrainians, for the opportunity to find sanctuary here, find new friends, find the opportunity to help our own country!

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Croeso festival 2024Croeso festival 2024
Croeso festival 2024Croeso festival 2024
Croeso festival 2024Croeso festival 2024