Three days of the Coronation

On the first day of the Coronation (6/05/23), Sunflowers Wales (Соняшники) joined Stand With Ukraine Cardiff for the traditional Saturday meeting which was partially devoted to the Coronation event.

We brought to Cardiff, on top of good weather, our amazing dancing group Sunflowers and a beautiful duet of bandura players and singers. Many thanks to everyone who came along to support us!

On the second day of the Coronation (7/05/23), Sunflowers Wales (Соняшники) participated in Musical Feast at Sketty Community Church.

It was a really wonderful day, sunny, with a friendly atmosphere and lovely people who warmly welcomed our dances, music, and singing. It was nice to meet our good friends from Rockerleles Band who play rock-n-roll with so great inspiration that it was just impossible to do not start dancing 😀

Thank you Sketty Community Church for the invitation and the possibility for future cooperation!

On the third day of the Coronation (8/05/23), the Welsh weather reminded about itself, however, this has not scared the dancers from Sunflowers Wales (Соняшники) nor the Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan, Mrs Louise Fleet!

The atmosphere of the Coronation Afternoon Tea, organised by the Mumbles Community Council at the wonderful Clyne Gardens, was absolutely amazing and people warmly welcomed us!

Adults and children, who participated in the Crown Competition, danced for us, and birds sang for us 😍. Many thanks for the kind invitation!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!

Sunflowers Wales - Standing Strong Together!